Why choose Solace?

Solace had it's humble beginning in 2007 when Lynne Berge RMT opened the clinic in the Old City Quarter.  Her goal was to provide the highest standard of care that massage therapy could offer by bringing experience, continuous study and intention to her work.  She combined this with an environment that soothed all senses to encourage the settling of the nervous system and help clients relax into the therapeutic treatment.  Today 7 other excellent, dedicated RMT's have joined Solace to enhance and participate in the vision started 11 years ago.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect upon entering the clinic.  You will be greeted with a cup of locally grown tea and we will settle you in to our environment in front of inspiring art work.  Our therapists strive to start treatments on time to give you the most hands on time possible so we recommend arriving a few minutes early to soak in the environment.  Once the treatment is underway, you will settle onto a heated table, with options for aromatherapy blends added to our natural oils.  The music is relaxing, the air is fresh and the lights are dim and thus the therapy begins.

Your massage therapy treatment at the Solace will be uniquely designed for you.  Solace RMT's pay particular attention to detail and set intention to tune in to your body's needs.

On your way out, we encourage you to take your time.  Sit, have another cup of tea.  We gift you some salts to soak in later too.   

We are grateful for all of our new and return clientel and Nanaimo's rating of top three clinics in the city!