Do you suffer from Jaw Pain?

jaw pain Do you experience; Clicking, Popping, Teeth Grinding, and/or Muscle Fatigue in your jaw area?  Do you experience Tension Headaches? Has your dentist given you the diagnosis of TMJD ( Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) ?

Massage Therapy can help by relieving the tension from the muscles that move the jaw both outside and inside the mouth. With techniques such as trigger point release, muscle stripping, joint mobilizations and kneading the muscles will have a rush of fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood flow that will encourage healing and will relieve the tension in the muscles.

intraoral massage

Intraoral (inside the mouth) massage is a wonderful way to access the small muscles of the jaw. These muscles attach at the gums, cheeks, and jaw bone. The therapist will put on a finger cot and work inside the cheeks on one side of the jaw at a time. With communication with the patient, the RMT can locate the tender, aching spots and help release them.

Many patients find a tremendous amount of relief and decreased clicking and popping with only 10-15 minutes of intraoral massage.

Katie Littlejohn, RMT  at The Solace Centre has a special interest in TMJ dysfunction and would love to offer her skill set and advice.