Essential Oils for Muscle Recovery

RECOVER REMEDY is a powerful Essential oil blend used by massage therapists at Solace Wellness.It is meant for topical application to reduce the pain of acute injuries such as torn ligaments, sprains, bruises and the accompanying muscular discomfort.

It consists of 7 potent distilled oils from plants that have their own unique properties, but also work synergistically to provide comfort as well as acting to speed the healing process.

The warming oils in this blend are Clove and Ginger, and work their magic by literally increasing the circulation and oxygenation to the tissues.Topically, Clove oil acts like a local anaesthetic, thereby relieving penetrating pain, but it is also known to gradually strengthen the muscle fibres. 

Ginger oil has the property of reducing inflammation, which is a prime component of soft tissue injuries and also diminish the reaction of the nervous system to pain sensations. 

Eucalyptus and Lemongrass are tonic oils that are refreshing to the senses.Eucalyptus is known to enhance peripheral circulation and clear congestion of fluid after a bruise or sprain, while promoting skin health.

Lemongrass has the unique property of aiding the restoration and repair of connective tissue, as well as reducing swelling through waking up the lymphatic system.

Marjoram is part of the mint family and is excellent at soothing muscles by reducing spasms and helping with stiffness and pain in the joints. Just inhaling this oil can increase the relaxation response, which is an integral part of healing.

Peppermint is one of the most familiar essential oils, and exhibits many therapeutic actions, including decreasing inflammation.It has the contradictory effect of creating the sensation of both heating and cooling. It has the wonderful property of enhancing the effect of the other oils in the blend by quickly penetrating the tissues of the body.Peppermint is so uplifting to the spirits—a big plus when we’re suffering!

The least well-known essential oil is Yarrow.Greek myths say that Achilles used it for the injury to his heel during battle!It has an anti-spasmotic effect on muscles, and can also lessen bleeding or hemorrhage by contracting the blood vessels. Like most of the other essential oils in this blend, yarrow is prized as an anti-inflammatory agent, which speeds recovery and eases pain when muscles are damaged or strained.

In addition, this marvelous combination of essential oils in Recover Remedy can be utilized for neck and back aches.It is a marvelous remedy for over-extension of muscles during spring gardening or a vigorous sport/activity you have enlisted in, not to mention, will lessen the stiffness and pain of arthritic joints and reduce muscular spasms.

All round, the use of this Essential Oil blend to enhance your healing process is one that will bring you both relief from bodily discomforts and regeneration after injuries.As a bonus it provides a refreshing, invigorating fragrance to support you through your day.