How Posture Affects Your Brain

Remember mom's voice telling you to "stand up straight" as you  quickly moved into an exaggerated military pose that was uncomfortable and short lived?  It turns out mom was on to something  and science now backs her up. As RMT's we're always telling clients about the importance of balanced posture.  Here are a few benefits:

-the ability to lift our arms overhead -improved breath volume -improved balance -increased blood flow to body organs -diminished strain on muscles that ache from overworking

Correcting a slouched posture can take years off of a person's appearance, and can magically express confidence and vitality.

In the article The Science Behind Posture and How it Affects Your Brain, Belle Beth Cooper, writer for Lifehacker, discusses how posture influences:

-opinion -mood -even hormone production

They give tips for how to achieve better posture and emphasize that posture is a dynamic process, always changing because we are living, moving beings.

A simple directive I share with my clients is to lift your sternum (breast bone) toward the ceiling.  This can be done sitting or standing.  This naturally draws the shoulders back and aligns the head over the spine, requiring much less effort than the military pose we were taught as kids.

Give it a try.  Witness how much easier it is to breathe and how your mood is lifted.