Self Care: What to do after massage

So, you have just treated yourself with a Massage Therapy session and you are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Before you leave the clinic, your RMT reminds you of a few things to do when you get home or later that day. Once you step back into life and seem further away from that great massage you just had, you stop to think “What did my RMT tell me to do again?”

Important Things To Do After A Massage

Drink H2O Over half our body is made up of water (depends on age, gender and overall health). So it only makes sense to drink water right? Drinking water helps to flush out toxins released from the muscles and properly re-hydrates your muscles therefore reducing muscle aches and pains after a massage. A glass or two of H2O can also help to centre your body/mind since a massage treatment can sometimes leave us feeling a bit spacey.

Stretch Especially with a Deep Tissue Massage, your muscle fibers need to realign and be flushed of the toxins released from the muscle. Stretching can help to do this realignment and improve proper muscle recovery therefore reducing post massage muscle pain.

Hydrotherapy (Epsom Salt Bath/Whirlpool/Infrared Sauna) Similar to the effects of drinking water and stretching, hydrotherapy can also prolong the sense of relaxation to your body/mind and induce a deeper sleep that night while promoting healthy muscle recovery.

Eat Massage Therapy has a big effect on circulation and stimulates digestion among other systems of the body. Keeping a small snack with you to eat after a massage will provide your body with an instant electrolyte boost (especially if you tend to feel light headed after massages)